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RPF Africa team has successfully transacted over R1bn worth of residential property

RPF Africa is a dedicated residential property fund. RPF is an acronym of Residential Property Fund.

The team involved in RPF Africa has successfully transacted over R1bn worth of residential property and have a decade long track record.

We manage a variety of funds and have been through a number of rounds of bulking up and selling off.

At any point in time assets under management are, at a minimum, R600m. Currently we are in the process of scaling back to R1bn.
We are one of the pioneers in the field and believe passionately that residential property must become a defined asset class in Africa. This is necessary for the appropriate allocation of capital so that the residential assets required in our communities are delivered appropriately in the medium term.

We are innovative and experienced. We like problem assets and market blockages. Based on market knowledge, dedicated management, and experience we work to ensure return and performance of owned assets is maximized. Over the years we have worked with all the key retail banks, listed entities, institutions, private investors and government bodies.

We work hard to ensure we maintain a set of values and governance systems that stand up to scrutiny and the test of time.